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Description: framed and non-framed pictures

I, Julie Jeunen grant printing release for al pictures presented on this website. This release is fully dedicated FOR PRINTING ONLY, and a copy of this document should be considered adequate proof of release by the printer. This release does not include rights of sale or (digital) claim, nor is permission granted for contest entry without written permission from Julie Jeunen. Reproduction rights of described photography transferred only if signed addendum to this form has been provided by the customer. Copyright is retained by Julie Jeunen for the described photos on this website. The client may not under any circumstances alter, edit or change images which includes but is not limited to photo editing apps and filters such as Instagram.


Note for printer: If further information is needed per your company policy or verbal confirmation, please do not hesitate to call the below number.

Thank you!

Signature: Julie Jeunen
Contact: +32 498 60 04 00 |

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